Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Block all results from a domain in the SERP

My colleague Julien saw just one interesting thing in the SERP when he was looking for Arne Klippare, a hairdresser's salon in Stockholm. 

The first result was from the hairdresser's website, a site that collects information about all hair salons. The interesting thing was that, as logged in to their Google Account, they could block all search results from that domain.
That this is a step in filtering out junk sites that just republish existing information is not hard to figure out, so junk sites without proper content are on guard!

Google Your IP

Just discovered a nice feature on Google. If you google whats my ip then you get their public IP number above the search results.

Wondering what the guy who bought for $ 38,600 likes this?

Travel Hoax

Feeling moderately annoyed by the scam that Resia deals with.

I have a gift card at Resia. This gift card is paid with cash and would give you the opportunity to buy travel at Resia for a value of 10,000 kronor. The only downside is that you can not use it online, but only in one of Resia's stores.
When I search on on a trip, I will find a fitting trip for SEK 5771, this sounds undeniably good and I want to buy this trip. Then I call Resia who makes a search in his system, but there it is only for SEK 9900, ie with a surcharge of over 4000.
The person at Resia that I speak with explains that it's about airlines having special promotions that can only be booked online, because they do all the jobs themselves and that these prices are not available if she does the job. I buy it. What I do not buy is that it would not be possible to do the job and pay with the gift card I have at Resia. The money has already arrived at Resia and it seems unreasonable that they put 70% on the price because I come to their shop.
She explained that next year, it might be possible to use the gift cards on the web, but she could not promise anything.
I took care to do the same check with Ticket that also sells gift cards that can only be used in their physical stores. There they paid £ 900 on the ticket price if I went to the store and bought the trip.
Why should customers who pay in advance be punished? Resia has received the money, would not it be reasonable to get a 10% discount when shopping with gift cards instead of paying for the trip? If you look at, for example, The block then you understand that a lot of gift cards are never used, should there be a little margin to take off?

Invoicing System

I have been using a new billing system that I would like to talk about since last June. It's called Hejfaktura. Right now it's free to use for 90 days and if you are a freelancer or run a smaller company, I think you should have a look at Hejfaktura. 
It's really easy to use and has some nice features. In addition to statistics and graphs, you can Send the invoices via eBrev so that the customer receives a paper invoice. You also get a backup of all invoices directly to their dropbox.

This is not something for your e-commerce or for you who handle thousands of customers. But if you have 1-30 invoices a month, it's unbeatable!