Thursday, 1 March 2018

Weekend Grilling Guide

Weekends are best spent as a cookout with friends and family. This guide will give you some pointers on how to maximize your BBQ quality.

This guide assumes you are a real BBQ'r and use a charcoal grill. This will address grilling burgers, hot dogs and steaks.

What you will need:

-A Grill (Check out a review of the entire range of Nexgrill grills.)
-Charcoal (lighter fluid optional)
-Ground Beef (preferably ground chuck that has not been frozen)
-Kaiser Rolls or regular burger buns
-Steaks (preferably porterhouse or t-bone)
-Hot dogs (preferably Nathan's or Hebrew National)
-Hot dog buns (make sure they are thick and won't easily crumble)
-Fresh lettuce
-Fresh tomato
-Cheese (cheddar, jack, Swiss,provolone, whatever you choose)
-Ketchup (Heinz or Hunt's)
-Mustard (French's)
-Any other condiments your guests may request
-Salt and pepper
-Chips or fries, whichever you prefer


First, while the burger patties are being made, have someone preheat the oven if you are making fries, if not, have them get out plates. Also have someone prepare a plate of tomato, onion and lettuce slices. Put the fries in just before you start grilling the burgers so they will be nice and hot when the burgers are done. Have someone get out beverage glasses.

Now for the most important, part, the burgers themselves. The most vital part to a good burger is...the meat! Go to your local butcher or grocery store and ask for "ground chuck". Most burgers are a quarter to a half a pound so ask for an appropriate amount depending on how many guests you'll have. You can also pick up already packaged burger meat from the store. Make sure it has been refrigerated, NOT frozen and that the fat content is between 15%-22%.

Form patties about a baseball size of meat. Then flatten it into a circular patty about the size of an adult palm. Make sure the meat is tight and packed so it won't fall apart while cooking. Generally form the patties half an inch to three quarters of an inch thick. Use your thumb to make a small indent in the center of each patty. Sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides of the patty for seasoning. Put canvas on a plate and place the patties on the canvas to await grilling.

Now, once again, if you are about quality over quantity, you own a charcoal grill. Get Kingsford charcoal. If you buy Match Light, it already is prepared with dried lighter fluid so pour a good amount into the grill and form a good charcoal bed. Light it with a match or even better, a long lighter made fro grilling. Use lighter fluid only if necessary. Let the charcoal burn until you have a solid bed of white coals that you can't put your hand near. Do NOT cook over open flame. It will simply burn the outside of the burger and leave the inside raw.

Make sure your grill bars are clean prior to grilling. Place the patties evenly spread on the grill. Cook about 3-4 minutes each side depending on whether or not you want then well done, medium or rare. You can use a meat thermometer or simply check with a knife to see when they have finished. Remember, only flip the patties ONCE. Do NOT press down on the patties, this simply causes the juices to flow out and dries out the burger. Cook with the grill lid closed. Near the end of cooking, place cheese on the patties for cheeseburgers.

If making hot dogs along with the burgers, place them in between the patties over direct hear and cook to your desired level. Hot dogs do not take long to cook. Use tongs to place and remove safely.

If making steak, cook steaks no thicker than 1.5 inches thick on a charcoal fire bed hot enough to hear the meat sizzle when placed on grill. Cook 3-5 minutes roughly on each side depending on how well done you want the steaks. Flip ONCE. You may also season steaks with salt and pepper. Again, you may use a meat thermometer or check with a knife. For more specific information on grilling steaks visit: About: Grilling Steaks

Serve burgers/hot dogs with hot fries or chips and ice cold beverages.

Hope this guide helps make your Memorial Day one to remember.

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